From Book 1 The stranded

Hi, nice of you to visit me here. I am Adhara of Yvain. I guess you are here to find something about me and my life. Well, I was born 29 years as a true Yvain in Lorsone on Gianmarun. Later we went to Zoldent, the central capital of Gianmarun. My father had his most important customers there und he wanted us to be always near him. I had to go a College that was only for girls. That was quite a bitch palace. I was more interested in boys, that´s why I wanted to study Robotik. There were the best, well trained, and with muscles from head to toe.

As my mother found that out, I had to change that direction and was only allowed to another branch of tech. The most boring one, that anyone could take - Energy-Cargo. Oh, sure, there were boys too, but they were as boring as the subject itself. As I sat there, I played with the thought of becoming a nun. My beloved mother always told me, that boys only have one thing in their mind. But that´s not true. They carry their knowledge just a little bit further down and could not possibly have something in their head. So I gave in into the will of my mother, and graduated the childsplaystudy as the best of the year. ...more eins zurueck
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