The Writer Andreas Neuhold

He was born in Vienna in the year 1957, so it's been a while. As Subordinate of three cats,
which feed him well with some fresh mice from time to time, he lives a good life.
They also allowed him to marry his wife, which was also a long time ago, about 35
years or so. Yes, those are some special cats, they can move through time and space
as they like.. Reeeeally! He also has two children. They managed to get older and
have their own lives by now. But they never lost contact.

His passion for writing and drawing was always there.
The story around Adhara was already something special from the getgo. The few people
who got to read the first manuscripts cried for more. And so he had no
choice but to continue to write about the adhara's universe, under the
watchful eyes (and paws) of his masters. And they saw, that it was good.
From this point on there was no way back. He had to go through a lot of
hardships like finding artists who were willing to draw the protagonists of
his story. After three years of hard labour he is now on the brink of finishing
the first book. His children jumped on this train, his wife helps with
translating the handwritten texts into a more readerfriendly language.
And his masters are pleased as they purr and cuddle as much as
they allow themselves around their subordinates.
© Adhara's Universum is all Copyright by Neuhold Andreas, Vienna Austria 2016
Nach Hause